Apple WWDC15

Apple WWDC15

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View the WWDC Video

With a comical spin as an introduction to this year’s WWDC, featuring the talented Bill Hader (no we will not spoil it for you), this is definitely worth watching. Then check out Apple’s blog on the event.

View the video here.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. June 8-12, San Francisco

We are for this year's Apple WWDC. WWDC15 promises to deliver a bunch of exciting things to Apple OS X and iOS developers.

For the WWDC15 Event, we have created a (work in progress) logo to represent the event, purely in CSS3 (and HTML of course).

Have a look and leave feedback or suggestions and improvements.

Visit this link for my rendition, or visit my CodePen profile.

Visit the Official Developer Conference page.

This is also thanks to Hugo Giraudel (CodePen profile).

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