Australia has Apple Pay with AMEX

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Thursday 19th November 2015 marked an exciting milestone for us in Australia. Apple Pay became available! For those that may not know, Apple Pay is Apple’s mobile payment service, which allows compatible iOS devices to use contactless payment options to securely pay for online or in-store purchases.

In order to use your device in-store, you will need either an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, their “s counterparts” or an Apple Watch. This is because these devices, for the first time in Apple’s iOS history, support near frequency communication (NFC), which allows data to be transmitted to and from the device wirelessly via radio wave transmitters. Although this technology is not new and has been already found on many Samsung mobiles and your every day PayWave debit or credit cards, iPhones have only introduced it from the iPhone 6.

Enough about the tech though. As of Thursday, Australians with an America Express issued card can now pay using Apple Pay (more information at Of course, we were eager to try it so as of 1 past midnight on the morning of the 19th, we were by our devices waiting for the Apple Pay to show. Restarting the device helped. We have not provided instructions on how to add your cards, but if you need, we can write up another article.

So here are a couple of screenshots showing our card on the Apple Watch and on the iPhone 6 Plus. We have found using it in specific stores that accept American Express quite thrilling and easy. We even tried it leaving our phones at home, and equiped with nothing but our ID (not even our wallets or cash) and went venturing Sydney to test the Apple Watch flying solo. It works like a charm! We hope that more financial institutions will jump on board soon, although we have been reading online that there are negotiations in progress. We are also hoping that commuters using the Opal Card system will also be able to benefit in the near future. Obviously with any new system or technology there are bound to be issues integrating at a large scale to the real world and every day life, but it is all about the learning curves.

Leave your comments and thoughts below! Once again, thanks for listening to the rooster.

Apple Watch with Apple Pay Australia
iPhone 6 Plus with Apple Pay Australia

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