Apple Watch Frown

Did Apple get it all wrong?

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So as developers needing the latest and greatest, whether you’re just starting out, or have been in the game for some time, you’ll most likely be keen on upgrading to the latest developer beta for testing and improving your apps, especially in light of the soon anticipated Public beta.

Well, we may have possibly bricked the first Apple Watch, or at least, have been one of the first.

In trying to update to Watch OS 2 beta 2, apparently the update from the iPhone failed due to “no internet connection available”. The Watch, after having rebooted itself for some reason, is now inoperable, displaying only the exclamation screen and rebooting itself after some time.

The main issue that we, and other developers at this critical point of the Apple Watch’s young life, are facing, is that Apple has not provided a means of downgrading the Watch’s operating system to the stable version out of the box. You can’t plug cables into it and reset the firmware or anything close to that.

The only option we have left, as even Apple are unable to provide a solution, is to mail service it. So tomorrow I will have to go to the Post and ship it off, for who knows how long, and who knows the cost of service, and although the Watch is under warranty, the beta releases may not fall under warranty. Seems quite a sacrifice for a paying developer and a $600 “state of the art” watch.

It seems “un-Apple-like” and “un-Jobs-like” to not provide developers testing the future of Apple platforms and software to not be able to revert back easily and cost effectively for such an expensive, wearable product unlike other devices such as iPads, iPhones, iPods or Macs, whereby you can download their original firmware, plug the device into your computer using their supplied cables and restore them while in their special DFU mode.

So, did Apple get it all wrong?

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