Gallo’s Birth

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Two ordinary guys had a vision one night… a rooster. Yes, a rooster. Gallo means rooster in Italian. The reasons we thought Gallo would be our company name varied. No, we know what you’re thinking, but there truly wasn’t a drop of wine or whiskey involved!

Gallo Logo Concepts

First there was the meaning of the Chinese zodiac sign for the Rooster – observant, hard-working, confident, courageous… the list goes on. Not necessarily because we saw ourselves that way all the time (honestly, we all do at some point), but mainly for the image we have of our Company. We believe we have the skills to take this Company to amazing heights, because we believe we have some of these qualities, and look for the same qualities in our employees as well. Imagine a production line of a soccer ball, the input, process and finally the output. From the inner part of the ball (also known as the bladder), to the lining and on the outer layer the cover and stitching. Using lesser quality materials would result in a weaker and short-lived ball. Using stronger materials and more laborious methods of stitching and adequate panels would make the ball a stronger and longer-lasting ball.

Similarly, we value a higher input and process combination in our own business culture in order to achieve a higher output for all that we do. We do not believe in streamlining a client project simply to “get the project”. We are dedicated to what we do, and because we love what we do, we do it willingly. This is what we believe the Chinese zodiac for the Rooster represents.

We also believe in boldness and standing out. Although we are at our infancy, we are growing at a steady and healthy pace. We are proud of where we are headed and believe in our own success and our mission to be able to help other businesses, big or small, to achieve their true potential with our assistance. We see ourselves as the hand that guides one in the right direction.

From this belief, we founded Gallo.

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