“Tees & Sees”

Because everything should have them

the Client

You, the Client, are one party in any agreement, dealings or negotiations with Gallo Consulting and/or any of its child companies. We may refer to you as You, the Client, or Client in our agreements, materials, or over communication, both verbal or written.

Gallo Consulting Pty Ltd

Gallo Consulting Pty Ltd may be referred to as Gallo, Gallo Consulting or the Company. Gallo may also refer to itself as We or US. Gallo has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia.For International Clients, we will endeavor to use our resources in a timely and appropriate manner so as to be able to provide a consistent service to cater for timezones and time differences, however we do not provide a round-the-clock operating environment.

We relinquish all personal and professional rights to the final design you hired us to create providing that any material created is not for the additional purpose of becoming affiliated to the Gallo Consulting or its related products or Companies’ identity.

Any material (not including final and approved material) excludes the transfer of rights to any variations of the logo previously agreed and supplied as part of the initial proposal to any Client. Examples of these variations could include but are not limited to:

  • multiple colour versions
  • size and dimensional
  • variations e.g. landscape and portrait
  • reversed out versions
  • social media profile images
  • favicons
  • brochure templates or designs – including layouts
  • business card concepts, layouts and mockups
  • database technologies
  • etc.
Any Client will not have the rights or permission to use, modify, alter, replicate or borrow any of the previous ideas, concepts, sketches previously shown and presented. All original preparation materials, sketches, visuals and unused ideas previously shown and considered will remain the property of Gallo Consulting.

We are free to use these unused and previous ideas for future conceptual and client work. Where a previously unused idea or design retains a similar look and style to the finished logo, Gallo Consulting shall repurpose and style so that the end design, product or service is sufficiently different as to not cause conflict.

We reserve the right to keep raw files, including artwork, databases, animation, software source code and so forth as property of Gallo Consulting Pty Ltd. Such content and material will not be handed over to clients, unless there is a specified written agreement stating such terms and is signed by both Gallo and the Client.

Any supporting FINAL artwork and designs, material, product or service required or included in a Client project can be used as indicated by Gallo Consulting for personal and professional use by the Client. Final artwork, designs, material, products or services do not include raw files used to complete final work or deliverables, such as raw image, video, film, photography or animation files, databases, documents (such as proposals, etc), source code and so forth.

Unless otherwise agreed and arranged, we reserve the right to showcase the finished products or services and associated designs, materials or other, in our portfolio and in any number of online galleries, portfolio, showcases as well as in printed literature including books and magazines, now and in the future. Associated materials, designs and artwork, products or services can include commercial print design, business card, stationery design, signage, desktop icons or wallpapers, mobile phone and other portable device application, web platform or website, icons and imagery, or the like.

Clients are free to change, modify and adapt the FINISHED product or service as they see fit, but you do so at your own risk, recognizing that such is done outside the Gallo Consulting consulted and suggested guidelines. Any form of legal Trademark Registering and Copyrighting of any branding, printing of materials, or other non-specified inclusion or additional service, remains the sole responsibility of the Client.

Changes in these Terms are almost certain to happen, due to changes in our Service and the laws that apply to Gallo and the Client. If we make a change, we will endeavor to do our best to provide you with advance notice, although in some situations, such as where a change is required to satisfy applicable legal requirements, an update to these Terms may need to be effective immediately. We will announce changes here at our site, and we also may elect to notify you of changes by sending an email to the address you have provided to us. We will also try to explain the reasons for the change.

If we do update these or other Terms, you are free to decide whether to accept the terms or to stop using our Products or Services. Your continued use of Products or Service after the effectiveness of that update will be deemed to represent your agreement with, and consent to be bound by, the new Terms. Except for changes made by us as described here, no other amendment or modification of these Terms shall be effective unless set forth in a written agreement bearing a written signature by the Client and Us. For clarity, email or other communications will not constitute an effective written agreement for this purpose.

Your privacy is paramount to us, and we will not look at your data unless there is a legal requirement for us to do so. Furthermore, we do not share, sell or trade your information. All information provided by You, the Client, remains private within the Gallo organization, and is kept with due security and secrecy. This may include, but is not limited to contact details, postal, electronic or other addresses, appearance, material, bank account details, affiliations, promotions, product and services, and so forth.
While you own the Content you store or provide with the Gallo Consulting product or services, you acknowledge and agree that Gallo Consulting (and/or our other Companies) own(s) all legal rights, title and interest in to the Products and Services, including, without limitation, all software comprising a part of the Service that is hosted on our servers and all software deployed by you or a third party to enable clipping of Content originating at another party’s web site, concept frameworks, software, concept print material, concept branding and identity, concept Consultation, Workflows or Marketing or other Strategies.
In agreeing to these Terms, you also agree that the rights in the Service and Gallo Consulting Software, including all intellectual property rights, are protected by one or more of copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other laws, regulations and treaties, in addition to these Terms and any Separate Agreement. In particular, you agree to not modify, create derivative works of, decompile or otherwise attempt to extract source code from any Gallo Consulting of Gallo Consulting owned Software, unless you are expressly permitted to do so under an open source license or we give you express written permission.