the Broken Link of a Chain

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It may not be clear to many, though the weakest link of any chain is enough to destroy any project, or company for that matter. Ignoring the broken link may work for a while, but eventually, the chain will fall apart and lose both its strength and length.

Similarly so with projects and teams. Unclear analysis of the project at hand could mean assigning inappropriate resources towards a vital task.

Often though, the problem stems from the time a person enters the doors of an organization to commence work. It is crucial to understand individuals’ strengths and how well they work within a team. A good leader has the uneasy responsibility¬†to not only be able to form a team and assign the right people to any given task or group of tasks, but also has to be able to distinguish the “boy who cried wolf”. Let me explain that a little better… you know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, unfortunately it is within our nature to do so.

A well presented person, well spoken at an interview could prove to be a future star employee, however more often than not, such individuals are merely that greatly designed book cover, with a lacking plot and predictable ending. One has to choose wisely and unfortunately the lack of abilities do not always manifest themselves at the onset of a relationship, but at times begin to surface later on in a role.

If opportunity and resources permit, it is crucial to lengthen the interview timeframes and broaden the search criteria. Simply searching for candidates based on proximity or geography, education status, background or the like is not merely enough anymore. Skill specialisation and expertise is becoming increasingly scarce so ensure that you are taking adequate measures to truly assess your own requirements of people and try to be a good judge of character and evaluate the correct skills over various scenarios before committing to permanent employees. These days freelance workers are available for virtually any industry, and often may prove to be highly skilled and very adequate candidates for a project or role.

Food for thought?

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